INSTRUCTIONS: Begin with step 1 and save images. Move on to step 2, type in your 1st heading title and click "Add Heading", then move on to steps 3 & 4. Add your sub title and URL, then click "Add Sub". Repeat steps 3 & 4 adding sub titles/URLs. Click "Add Sub" after each time. When you you are finsished repeating steps 3 & 4, go to step 5 and click "Finished Subs", then start over beginning with step 2. Add as many Headings and sub title/URLs as you wish until your site map is complete. When you have finished this, go to step 6 and click "Build Site Map" to generate the code. You can test your site map by clicking "View Site Map" below.
Site Map Generator
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2: Heading Title:
3: Sub-heading Title: 4: Sub-heading URL: 5: